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A Break from the City

Day trips from Muscat Muscat is a beautiful area with many things to see and do, but if you need some time out of the city, here are three day trips to experience more of Oman’s natural beauty, history, and culture. Barka and Nakhal: Just an hour drive northwest along the coast from downtown Muscat …

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Visiting Oman During Ramadan

What Is Ramadan? Ramadan is considered the most holy month by Muslims worldwide. It takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This calendar follows the lunar system, so the dates of Ramadan vary each year, usually moving back a week or so each year on the western calendar. In order to observe …

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Wadi Tiwi – The River Valley

The landscape of Oman is defined by empty river beds, known as wadis, forming an intricate network of geographic lace across the country. Some of these river beds, however, are not empty, and all of them are worth exploring. Two of the more famous valleys near the northern Capitol of Muscat are Wadi Tiwi. and …

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