What You’ll See

Wadi Tiwi – The River Valley

The landscape of Oman is defined by empty river beds, known as wadis, forming an intricate network of geographic lace across the country. Some of these river beds, however, are not empty, and all of them are worth exploring. Two of the more famous valleys near the northern Capitol of Muscat are Wadi Tiwi. and Wadi Ash-Shab. Both wadis offer amazing hiking and beautiful scenery, though be aware that if you choose to explore Wadi Ash-Shab you’ll have around a …

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Hawiyat Najm – The Dabab Sinkhole

Just 113km away from Muscat, this legendary sinkhole can be found a short distance off of the main road. Although there are various stories behind the formation of the Hawiyat Najm, the locals have a legend that a meteor fell here which has given this sinkhole the name “Hawiyat Najm, meaning “The Falling Star”. Though a fascinating origin story, expert geologists have concluded that the crater was in fact formed as a natural consequence of the limestone dissolving, which resulted …

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