5 Reasons Oman Should Be Your Next Destination

Many people in the United States don’t even know Oman exists. When my friend tried to mail me a package recently, the US postal worker was convinced that my friend mistakenly wrote a city’s name on the line for country. Oman seems to be a well-kept secret—tucked into its corner of the Arabian Peninsula, largely staying out of the world’s news updates.

So, why would you want to spend your time and money to visit a place so few have heard of? What is there to see in Oman anyway?

Here are five amazing things about this hidden country that will have you contacting your travel expert and scheduling your trip dates as soon as possible.

#1: Oman is a land that is truly unique.

The majority of Omanis are Ibadi Muslims, which is a sect of the religion separate from the more well-known Sunni and Shia groups. This unique religious background makes Omanis devoted to their conservative faith, while at the same time being open and friendly towards visitors from other backgrounds. Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, Oman’s leader since 1970, has developed the country incredibly. He is the longest-reigning leader in the Arab world to date, and his influence has made Oman the special, peaceful place it is. Case in point: Oman has no terrorism records – it’s just never happened here.

#2: Oman offers something for everyone.

With such a diverse array of natural and cultural beauty, there are options to please all kinds of visitors. The bustling city-life of Muscat, the green mountains of the Dhofar region, the imposing forts of Nizwa and Bahla; you’ll discover that just a few days here isn’t nearly enough time to take it all in. Check out our article called “Who Should Visit Oman?” to find recommendations for your individual preferences.

#3: Omanis are friendly, welcoming people.

The people who claim this beautiful country as their own are quick to return smiles, offer information when asked, and enjoy hot cups of tea after meals with guests. Omanis take pride in their country, their beloved ruler, and their history. They are also gentle, respectful people. The crime rate in Oman is very low. There is a better chance of being pick-pocketed in most large cities in the United States than in Oman. This means that you will be free to relax, enjoy your visit, and truly be refreshed.

#4: Oman’s land is untouched, wild beauty at its best.

The Al Hajar mountains in the north boast miles of trekking trails, cool weather year-round, and a gorge to rival America’s Grand Canyon (Wadi Nakhr). In the south, the Dhofar mountains catch the autumn monsoons from India and turn into a vibrant jungle of misty foliage. Oman claims 3,165 kilometers (1,967 miles) of pristine coastline with sea turtles, tide pools, diving expeditions, and horseback rides to enjoy. The haunting, shifting sands of Rub’ al Khali (in English it’s known as the Empty Quarter) make up the largest sand desert in the world and bisect Oman.

#5: There are experienced professionals living in Oman to help you plan your trip.

It’s one thing to make a list of destinations and a trip outline with the help of the internet and travel guides. Actually landing in a foreign country and navigating the little details of life there is another matter altogether!

If you’re convinced that Oman will be your next getaway, contact one of our travel experts to set up your hassle-free trip with Experience It Tours. We take care of all the detail work so you can focus your energy into appreciating and experiencing this beautiful country.

By Shanae Eddy

Shanae is a freelance writer from the USA. She has lived in Salalah, Oman since 2015. When not writing content for Experience It Oman, Shanae enjoys learning Arabic from local friends, exploring the Dhofar mountains during Khareef (monsoon season), and drinking tea.