Adventure Tourism in Oman: Are you ready?

Are you ready to have an adventure?

Whether you want to travel across the globe or you just want to get away from the crowded, high-rise lifestyle of Dubai, Oman is ready to host your next adventure! Let us show you some of the places where boredom comes to die:

1. Majlis Al Jinn Cave

The Majlis Al Jinn, which means the meeting place of the Jinn, is the second largest known cave chamber in the world. The cave is located in a remote area around 100km away from Muscat, and an experienced driver and a 4X4 vehicle are a must to reach this remote destination. Only three strands of light penetrate the darkness, but it’s enough to allow you to see the hair-raising 120 meters drop and to appreciate this immense natural wonder. A professional caving company can provide the training necessary for you to repel, or abseil, down to the bottom of this massive cave through one of the three vertical entrances. The Majlis Al Jinn is also a coveted spot for the base jumping community. If you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to help make it happen. Contact us to add this stop to your customized tour of Oman!

2. Jebel Akhdar

Jebel Akhdar, with means “Green Mountain”, provides one of the most scenic stops in your tour of Oman. This section of the Al Hajar mountain range displays nature at its finest- with valleys, steep canyons, cliffs, plateaus and hiking trails, this destination has everything to offer for hikers ranging from novice to pro. Jebel Shams, the highest point in eastern Arabia, can be explored right here. Let your experienced driver take you to the best spots in the comfort of a 4X4 vehicle, and take the time to explore surrounding villages and meet the locals. Don’t miss this gem! Contact us today to create your perfect day on the mountain.

3. Wahiba Sands

The Wahiba Sands, named after the nomadic Wahiba tribe, is an opportunity to enjoy the emptiness and vastness of a desert sea. Let us take you on a roller coaster ride in a 4X4 dune bashing excursion, or jump out of the vehicles to enjoy some quality sand-boarding! Finish off your evening under the stars sipping tea with some locals, and enjoy a quality night’s sleep under a bedouin tent. Adventure awaits!

4. Wadi Shab

Drive a few hours away from Muscat to experience one of the most breathtakingly beautiful wadis (valleys) the country has to offer. Once your driver gets you as close as possible, it’s a short hike through an opening of palm trees to the matchless beauty of pristine, turquoise waters. The day will be yours as you explore waterfalls, wade through streams, climb rocks, and even dive off of the surrounding cliffs. It’ll be the best cliff-diving you’ve ever had, which is why the Redbull Cliff Diving World Series was held right here. Once you hit what looks like the “dead end”, you’ll be face to face with the famous keyhole. Take a breath and swim through a very narrow slit in the rock until you come out on the other side in a water-filled cave filled with other cliff diving opportunities. It’s the best water park you’ll ever experience, because it was created entirely by nature. Let us know if we can add this stop to your next tour!

5. Diving

One of Oman’s best kept secrets is that is has some of the best dive sites to explore. Learners and experienced divers alike will be awed by the array of marine life and colorful coral. These waters have not been overly used, so there is an abundance of underwater life to be explored, including some fascinating wrecks. Let us help you set up your dive today!