Ayn Razat – a well-polished gem showcasing pools, caves and a splendid garden

The city of Salalah is ringed by many valley springs or “ayoon.” One set of springs, Ayn Razat, boasts the best pools and gardens in the area. If you visit on a Friday, the beautiful gated garden is open to the public, and you can enjoy a pleasant stroll amidst the manicured flora.

The springs are collected in several pools, which themselves make a relaxing backdrop for a snack or picnic. If you find yourself hungrier still, you can also find some barbecue pits nearby.
After your meal, take a short walk up the gentle slopes skirting the pools, and spend some time exploring the cool shade of some of the shallow caverns that dot the area.

Tips for the day:

  • Ayn Razat is only about 15 minutes from Salalah, and is easily accessed, with good signage, by the roads heading east of Salalah toward Mirbat.
  • Like so many well-watered places during Khareef, Ayn Razat plays host to visiting mosquitos. Whether you choose to purchase one of the repellant packets for sale nearby, or to bring a bottle of insect repellent with you, be sure to apply it liberally so you can take in the views with comfort.
  • As Ayn Razat is so close to Salalah, it is also one of the more popular spots frequented by the public, and can be quite crowded at times. If solitude is what you’re after, try to come in the morning, or early afternoon.