Fazayah Beach—Exploring Salalah’s Secluded Shores

About an hour west of Salalah are two beaches every visitor should see: Mughsayl and Fazayah. While the road between these beaches is well-paved and quite safe, one might think its course was derived from a preschoolers artwork; dozens of hairpin curves and sweeping views make this 15 kilometer journey an adventure in itself.

A sign on the main road indicates the turnoff for Fazayah Beach on the left. The pavement is quickly replaced by a dirt trail that carefully weaves its way down the cliff. The sky-high panorama was too good to resist, and several in our group opted to walk the 6 kilometers to the beach below while the rest continued by car.

It was an invigorating trek with a gorgeous ocean view spread out ahead, camels grazing, and wildflowers dotting the edges of the trail. It looked like a poster to hang in front of the treadmill for inspiration—but it was real life!

Camel owners run their herds through the valley behind the beach during certain times of the year, so this is a great spot for some up-close pictures of these interesting creatures. In winter months, you might also spot goats grazing alongside the camels.

Fazayah Beach is known in Salalah as the best secluded beach experience because there are several sandy coves tucked along the rocky shoreline. Some of these coves are so small that if you claim one first, you’re guaranteed solitude. We opted to set up our things on the main beach, however, because there was only one local family on the opposite side. When they left, we had the whole place to ourselves!

The rocks along the edges of the beach proved to be a great spot to find crabs, chitons, sea snails, limpits, and mudskippers. For the more adventurous-at-heart, shallow caves line the shoreline along the east end of the beach. At low tide, it’s easy to walk over the rocks and get a whole new perspective of the life that dwells in this intertidal area.

Fazayah Beach is the perfect spot to relax in your chair and watch the tide slowly rise, or unleash your inner adventurer. A sunset stroll along the shoreline is a great way to end this fun outing.

Helpful tips for the day:

If a restroom is needed, ask your driver can take you to some simple public facilities on the way since there are no restrooms at the beach.

Bring trail shoes, or some good walking shoes if you plan to hike the 6 km from the top of the mountain to the beach. The road is fairly smooth, but the grade can be a bit steep in some places.

Large rocks on the edges of the beach provide some shade, but come prepared with sunblock for the day.