Greatest Omani Souvenirs

Your trip to Oman will surely be one you want to remember for years to come, and there are many items unique to Oman that will remind you of your experience immediately. Here are six souvenirs that are sure to bring you back to your time in the Sultanate.

Luban (Frankincense) and Medkhan (Incense burner):

Oman is known as the Land of Frankincense, so bringing this tree-sap incense back with you will make your home feel like you are still in the Sultanate. Buy a kilo of the resin drops, a medkhan (incense burner), and some charcoal disks at any souq and you are set to make your home smell and look like one of an Omani.

Dulla, coffee pot:

Found in every Omani home and used to serve the famous coffee unique to Oman, a dulla is a beautiful and functional addition to any home in the world. In the souqs you can find dullas of every size from a pendant on a keychain to a fully decorated serving set including the unique small coffee cups, tea cups, and saucers. Metal, plastic, and ceramic versions are available in many colors and patterns so your Omani dulla will be sure to fit into the design of your home.


Each day of your trip to Oman you will see Omani men wearing their traditional long white robes paired with colorful hats, called Kumma. Wear it on your head as intended, display it on a shelf, or flip it upside down to use as a basket. A Kumma would a terrific Omani item to add to your home. These hats come in endless designs and would be a fantastic addition to your collection of unique items from around the world.


You cannot leave Oman without eating dates, and they can also serve a wonderful gift to bring back to your friends and family. Find kilos prepackaged for travel at any souq or grocery store and serve them with coffee when you return to your home country. If you want to be sure your dates will taste the best, buy non-pitted ones, as they retain just enough moisture to taste freshly dried.

Camel Milk beauty items:

Oman is known for its vast camel population and in recent years a few companies have taken advantage of the health benefits found in camel’s milk to develop natural beauty products. A new, Oman-based company, SACRA Soap and Body (sacra_soap on Instagram) sells 100% natural, non-toxic, locally sourced beauty products that feature camel’s milk and frankincense, two of Oman’s greatest offerings. You can also find camel’s milk soaps in specialty shops in the souqs.

Pottery from Nizwa:

The former capital of Oman is famous for the strong walls of the fortress and livestock auction but bringing home a thousand-pound brick or a young goat could become tricky. Instead, you can purchase a piece of their famous pottery. The locally fired earthenware comes in many shapes, sizes, patterns, glazed in any color, or left unglazed for an original terracotta look. From the wide selection found in Nizwa Souq, you are sure to find a piece to fit perfectly in your home.

Here’s one more that won’t last long, but is very Omani and enjoyable:

Chips Oman:

These chili flavored potato chips are extremely popular among Omanis and would not add much weight to your luggage going home. Eat the whole bag yourself or share this small taste of Oman with your friends, but be sure to savor them: they won’t last long.