Is Oman safe?

As the world around us is changing, it’s certainly a good idea to take the time to ensure that your travel destination will be safe for you and your travel companions.

How safe is Oman right now?

From our personal experience, we have found that it is highly improbable that you will find yourself in a dangerous situation here. Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of State, Oman has never had a terrorist attack against U.S. citizens in Oman. Incidents of serious crime are rare in the country, and violent crime is extremely low.

As with any tourist destination, incidents of petty crime including burglary and theft of property of foreign tourists are occasionally reported. However, utilizing some of the following tips will discourage thieves and turn you into a savvy traveler.

Tips for being a safe, savvy traveler:

  • Exercise normal safety precautions in Oman. Be on the lookout for suspicious behavior, as you would in your home country. Monitor media and other sources for changes to local traveling conditions.
  • Be discreet with the amount of valuables you are carrying and the jewelry you wear. Don’t keep your cash in one big wad.
  • While demonstrations and protests are rare, it is best to avoid them even if they seem peaceful. You don’t want to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Omani roads can become unsafe, especially after the sun goes down. Some drivers do not adhere to the road rules, and visibility can be affected by poor weather. If you are driving, do your best to stay off the roads at night. Even better, leave the driving to our expert driver!
  • Try to stay with a travel companion. Our customized tours have personal drivers that will be with you in case you need anything.
  • In conclusion…

    In short, we’re excited to show you just how much Oman lives up to its reputation as a beautiful country full of friendly, super hospitable people. We trust that you’ll feel safe and confident throughout your stay in country, and we’re here to answer any other questions you may have about the safety of Oman. Feel free to contact us.