Life After Mekunu

Salalah Recovers Well From Historic Cyclone

This May a record-breaking cyclone, named Mekunu by meteorologists, hit our beloved Salalah with historic levels of rainfall and fierce winds. Three years’ worth of rain fell within 24 hours leaving many homes flooded, beaches covered in debris, and roads washed away. This destruction left many tourism companies worried that this year’s Khareef, rainy season in which hundreds of thousands of people visit this southern Oman city, would also be negatively affected. However, the city of Salalah and surrounding areas have recovered incredibly well from this powerful cyclone and this could be one of the greatest Khareef seasons in recent years.

The record rainfall surged down the mountains into the valleys and washed out bridges and roads across the Salalah area. The Omani military and civil engineers began repairs immediately and just three weeks after Mekunu moved on, all the roads to Salalah’s most visited locations have been rebuilt and paved. For example, the coastline of Mughsayl, a beautiful beach west of Salalah, was completely transformed by the cyclone, but a paved road has been constructed around this new coastline to ensure visitors can still reach this famous site with a minor change in route. The debris left in the aftermath of Mekunu is nowhere to be seen thanks to the effort of the hundreds of workers enlisted to remove fallen trees, pieces of destroyed buildings, and excess water from the landscape of the city. Incredibly fast road construction and little evidence of a cyclone can be seen across the whole region, leaving the infrastructure of Salalah ready for a swell of visitors.

Mekunu has also changed the landscape of Salalah in a few ways that visitors will especially appreciate. With the increased amount of rain, the waterfall of Wadi Darbat has returned after years of being lost to dry seasons. The early-season cyclone also brought the Khareef a few weeks earlier than normal, meaning many of the natural wonders are already luxuriously green and thriving. The extra weeks of Khareef has also led to the Salalah Khareef Festival, the carnival-like celebration of Omani culture and tradition, opening early.

If you are thinking of visiting this incredible holiday destination, but are anxious about its post-cyclone state, leave your worries behind; Salalah is ready for you!

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