Mughsayl Beach – 45 Min from Salalah

Around 45 minutes away from Salalah is the astonishing Mughsayl Beach, which is famous for its blowholes scattered along the shoreline. It’s also the point where Dhofar’s beaches and mountains come together, creating a dramatic backdrop of cliffs. Along the way to you’ll notice several picnic shelters of various sizes open to the public, but further in the views are much more stunning.

As you arrive at Mughsayl you’ll notice an overlook directly in front of the parking lot that will give you a small glimpse of the expansive beach lined with blowholes. If you come in Khareef, each time a wave surges toward shore, gigantic streams of water explode from the ground below! It’s beautiful, and like so many other things Oman has to offer, not what you’d expect to find in Arabia. To the right of the parking area is Marneef Cave, a beautiful spot to explore and climb. To the left, a short walk up a hill offers even greater views of the shoreline and gigantic exploding blowholes. You’ll also see a winding path that offers many places to sit and take in the beauty of the ocean meeting the mountains. For those who want to experience the blowholes more intimately, it’s even possible to stand over the grates of some of the largest ones and be soaked by the spray!

Once you’ve fully enjoyed all that the beach has to offer, be sure to turn around and explore the mountains as well. There are many little winding paths upward that you’re free to hike at your own risk. Take as little or as long as you want in Mughsayl, but know that you’ll probably never see something quite like it again. It truly is remarkable!

Mughsayl is also home to frankincense trees, which are some of the most accessible in the region. Be sure to have your driver point them out to you along your route.

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Tips for the day:

  • Mughsayl has something for everyone! From the highly adventurous to those who want a slower pace, this place is the complete package.
  • All of the main areas are paved, but if you plan to adventure up the mountains you may need some sturdier footwear.
  • Keep an eye on young children- there’s so much to see and do here that it’s easy for them to slip away. Although there is railing around the cliffs, keeping a close eye is recommended.
  • There are a few shops in a nearby town for drinks and snacks, although they are not well stocked. It’s best to bring some extra water/snacks along, just in case.
  • Bathrooms can be a bit tricky to find- you may need your driver’s help in locating something nearby.
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