What to Wear When on Your Trip to Oman

Before embarking on your Omani adventure, it’s wise to carefully consider the most appropriate and comfortable attire while respecting the country’s conservative heritage. Although there are not set rules for how to dress in Oman, we want you to feel comfortable and confident as you mix with locals and explore new places. For men, it is recommended to bring long shorts or trousers with shirts that will provide adequate protection from the sun. Board shorts are great for swimming.

For ladies, pants or knee-length or longer skirts are appropriate, with short sleeve shirts. Avoid shirts with low-cut necklines or spaghetti straps, and leave your shorts, capris, and short skirts at home. It’s always a good idea to have a spare scarf handy in case you find yourself in a more conservative area or would like to visit a local mosque. At private (hotel) beaches and pools, feel free to wear your favorite swimsuit; however, at local areas it’s probably best to swim in shorts and a tee shirt.

Are these hard and fast rules? Absolutely not! However, no one likes realizing they came to the party “underdressed”. We want you to have the best trip of your life, and to not have little things like clothing stand in the way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!