6 wonderful days in Oman

We are finally back home…weary but better for a wonderful holiday…especially in Oman.

Our guide , Saif, was absolutely terrific.  Very knowledgeable, good English and so polite and helpful. We felt very well cared for. He followed up on our particular interests (John’s interest in water/ irrigation and my interest in omani bread and dates, in particular).  I also am flattered that he must have thought we were much younger than we are , as he made us do some very brave things…which we thoroughly enjoyed …..walking on a high wall to investigate falaj irrigation and then swimming into the top pool at Wadi Shan. We are reasonable swimmers but that was initially a bit  “mind over matter” scary…but wonderful once achieved.  Sadly no photo as we are not savvy with mobile phones and go pros. But we watched a man with an artificial leg manage the go pro and the rope jump in that pool! Incredible!!

Your company’s service was excellent from beginning to end.  Clear explanations, very professional and efficient, yet still friendly.  I felt very well served, considering all my questions and our last minute change of plane flights. I would recommend EIT Oman.

I took too many photos to share.

Thanks again for all your assistance and for Saif keeping us safe.  We thoroughly enjoyed his company and his/your country. 

John and Eve B. (Mar, 2024)