“Beyond Expectation”

Our Highlights:

  • Dhow cruise and half day tour at Khasab
  • Nizwa visit and Oasis
  • Desert Camp at Wahiba sand

Our driver:

He is very pleasant and speaks good English. He is not super talkative person but always provide information and carried on a good conversion when we asked. He is knowledge about the area he took us and he is a good driver that we can trust.
He is a very devoted Muslin and he asked for permission to take a 10 mins so he can pray. We didn’t mind that and admired his faith. We had good conversation about his family, his religion and Oman in general. Had a good time with him.
He was very accommodating to our needs and gave us space to explore on our own when needed. I like that.

Our Favorite Accommodations:

Anatara Jebal Akhdar. I would stay there for two days and explore more around Nizwa area.
The Luxe Tent in the Sand was great. To some extend, I enjoy our tent adventure in Morocco while it was a little rustic but more genuine. But, Wahiba sand is not as adventurous as the Sahara in Morocco.
Love the Sohangir-la. Just it is isolated and far from other attraction.

Overall Comments:

We enjoyed our Oman trip very much. It is a very unique Middle East country. (In comparison to UAE), It retains its culture and tradition yet the country is modernized with excellent road infrastructure. Accommodations are all excellent and the staff at the hotels are beyond expectation. People are very friendly and polite. Food is excellent especially seafood! If anyone in that region, It is a country highly recommend to visit.

One thing impressed with me the most is their country leader, the Sultan. He built the country from a backward, , enclosed underdeveloped country to a 21st country modern country in less than 50 years. When he took over, there was no road, no school, no hospitals. He invested oil resource in infrastructural, Education, Healthcare, and more much. I am so impressed with his vision and he is a leader truly made his country great. I wish the Omani the best and he will pick a good successor.

Yvonne C. & Al P.

(February of 2018)

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