“Camping in the Desert!”

Undoubtedly, the highlight of our trip was camping in the desert. But I also loved the day visiting the environs of Salalah – especially Samharam. 

Our guide, Suhail, was wonderful. He was very courteous and perceptive about what we liked to do, so that he adapted the tour as we went. he was also a lot of fun and great and helping Jurgen improve his English. It was very much like having a friend, not a guide – he was really interested in us as well, so we could engage in interesting conversation through the longish drives. 

Oman was very unexpected. Very interesting country, and none of the hustle and hassle you get with being a tourist in many countries. In fact I am still astounded at the fact that most places we visited were entirely devoid of shops and there were no hawkers except to a small extent in the frankincense souq. This was great, it meant we could just soak up the atmosphere and really imagine the history – I could form quite a vivid picture of ships laden with frankincense sailing in and out of Samharam.

We’d have no hesitation recommending a trip with Experience It Oman. 

Kate W.

(February of 2020)

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