“Oman was our Best International Trip!”

We enjoyed ourselves immensely and we both agree that our trip through Oman was our best international trip of the last two years.

We both agree, hands down, that the overnight rough camping in ar-Rub al-Khali with Khalid was a real highlight!  That adventure will forever be etched in our memories (and Lynn doesn’t even like camping, but that all changed in Oman.)  Actually, the night of rough camping was better than 1000 Nights in Wahiba Sands.
Other highlights were the turtles laying their eggs at Ras al Jinz; qabr nabi Ayyub (which along with the Tomb of Hud, were sites not on your typical EIT Oman itineraries); and Misfah al Abryeen.

Both drivers (Khalid and Saed) were excellent, were good problem-solvers, very knowledgeable, had very good English, were personable, and we learned a lot from them in terms of the daily rhythm of life in Oman and their faith.  They shared their hopes and fears, and their outlook on life, once they became comfortable with us on a personal level.  We learned much just by observing them as well.

As I mentioned on your company’s form: we were pleased with all aspects of the planning; Vienna sent everything well laid-out; the initial in-take with you and all your follow-ups to my questions were timely with straight answers.

We would recommend EIT Oman to others, and in fact we already have!

Stephen and Lynn.

(January of 2020)