“Specially arranged birding tour”

Which tour did you take?

Authentic Oman birding tour – specially arranged for us – very happy with the arrangement.

What was the highlight of your trip?

Nizwa, Wada Darbat, the Empty Quarter + the the friendly welcome in Oman. The drive from Jebel Zamhan down to Mirbat. Sumhuram and Khor Rori. Ayn Sahlounot. In general the contrasts between the sea, the mountains and the desert beyond, and the suprisingly green even in the desert. All the camels, all the birds and the beautiful gazelles. And the good food.

Would you recommend Experience It Oman?

Absolutely! Without any hesitation.

Who was your driver?

We had 3 drivers, Hamoud, Ahmed and Khalid Aaitoon. All three had excellent English. Very friendly and helpful, lots of info aboout birds, history nature in general

We came home full of wonderful experiences and memories of Oman and its people will stay with us a long time

Anne H. (Mar, 2024)