“Totally Happy with The Tour!”

We were totally happy with the tour. Suhail was fantastic and the Empty Quarter magnificent. Can’t think of anything right now that could have been better… Thanks again also for meeting with us, that certainly added to the experience, you are very kind and polite people and it was a real pleasure to meet with you.

The Rub al Khali was certainly my highlight of the trip and the main reason I wanted to see this part of the world. And it lived up to all expectations. I was glad to have an extended itinerary here and that it was possible to safely visit since it is very remote.

The driver was really the key to this holiday and its success. By coincidence we met another driver on the way, one that was responsible for another tour by another company. And we were so so glad we had Suhail instead. He is outstanding in every aspect, polite, courteous, going out of his way to provide a good service and experience and always trying to accommodate people’s wishes or interests. He is also a very safe driver who always puts on his seatbelt, doesn’t drive so fast and knows how to get out of trouble when something breaks down. He never needs a map since he always knows where he is.

From the quality of the guide’s knowledge of the country, to his level of English, to the accommodations, all was just excellent.


(February of 2020)