Edged by the world’s largest sand dune desert, encircled by guardian mountains and Frankincense trees. Come experience for yourself why this land ancient Romans described as “happy Arabia” is still today known far and wide as one of the friendliest and most beautiful places on earth.

Experience a week exploring Arabia like you’ve never seen it.

Day 1 :: ARRIVAL (D)

Upon your arrival into Oman, you will be met by your private driver, and transferred to your hotel to check-in, relax from your flight, and prepare for a week of discovery and new experiences.

Day 2 :: SALALAH CITY (B, D)

Start the morning with an iconic photo stop at the majestic Sultan Qaboos Mosque, then head to the charming Al Baleed museum where you will find a vast array of local antiquities that open your eyes to the history and heritage of the Sultanate of Oman nationally, and locally. Afterward, you will navigate the alleyways of the famous Haffa souq (also sometimes called “Palace Market” due to its proximity to the Sultan’s home and administrative center nearby). This is a market dating to antiquity filled with vendors selling Omani handicrafts, perfumes, and the famous frankincense of Salalah. After you have finished your shopping, enjoy some fresh coconut water from a road-side stand near the plantations. Then head to the outskirts of town to visit some of the springs that keep the valleys around this semi-semi-tropic city green year around.


After breakfast, your eastern Dhofar journey begins by following the mountain road past the ‘Travertine Curtain’ – a limestone cliff over which water plummets during the Monsoon. At the summit of this magnificent rock formation lies Wadi Darbat, a serene valley complete with optional hiking trails and dotted with smalls waterfalls and pools. You will continue your drive up the mountain roads and arrive at Jebel Samhan, one of the highest peaks in Dhofar. After taking in the coastal views from cliffs topping 1000 meters, you will begin your decent to the fishing village of Mirbat, by way of a lush baobab forest nestled in mountain valley. “Mirbat” meaning “a place of tying” in the local language, is suggestive of the fact that this sleepy fishing village of modern times was once world-world-famous for its horse exports, and bustling harbor. After lunch, you will follow the coastal road back to Salalah and pause for some exploration of the excavated city and harbor of Samharam, a fabled residence of the Queen of Sheba, and major trade outpost of ancient times.


You will start your day in the Qara mountains, first arriving at the fabled tomb of the biblical and Islamic prophet, Job. Next, you will descend along the coastal road to mystical Mughsail beach and discover the famous ‘blowholes’ that spout seawater through the rocks at high tide. Continue through the hair-pin turns of Wadi Aful, arriving at the cliffs of Sha’at, a jaw-dropping view from over 1000 meters above the waves. You’ll need your passport to pass through the standard checkpoint on the way, but the view is definitely worth it! From there, return to Salalah, stopping along the way to enjoy the sight, touch and smell of wild frankincense trees that line the mountain roads of this remarkable route.

* Option to exchange for Fazaya Beach Day + Picnic


Begin your journey shortly before lunch into the Rub’ Al Khali (Arabic for “Empty Quarter”), the largest sand desert in the world, and home of some of the world’s tallest dunes. Climb the guardian Qara mountains toward the north, and journey into the vast gravel “Nejd” desert, stopping for lunch in the Bedouin city of Thumrait, before entering the true dune desert. Once there, you’ll stop at the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands” in Shisr, which was only discovered by satellite in the modern era, and excavated in 1992. Finally, hop out of the 4WD and onto the dunes themselves as you arrive at the sands of Hashmaan, where your private guide will prepare dinner over an open fire, and ready your private campsite. End the day relaxing by the fire, and dreaming under a starlit Arabian sky.


You will wake up to the sunrise over the magnificent sand dunes of the Empty Quarter, enjoy a campsite breakfast, and make your way back to Salalah. On the way back, you’ll complete your tour of Dhofar’s famous Frankincense Trail with a visit to Wadi Dawkah, the oldest and largest collection of naturally grown Frankincense trees in the region, and a UNESCO Heritage Site. There you’ll discover both the historical and modern significance of this famous source of “aromatic gold.” Once you arrive back in Salalah, you’ll be treated to a final lunch in a local restaurant, then spend the evening at your leisure reflecting on a fabulous week discovering the secrets of Salalah.

***Feel free to customize! Options for Empty Quarter day trip, Coastal tour, or numerous outdoor activities

Day 7 :: DEPARTURE (B)

After breakfast, you will be transported to the airport for your departure, and you can say your goodbyes (for now) to the Land of Frankincense.

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Day 1 – Arrival and transfer to Hotel
Day 2 – Salalah City Tour including:
– Sultan Qaboos Mosque
– Al Baleed Museum of the Frankincense Land
– Old Palace Market
– Coconut Water at the local plantations
– Photo Stops at the springs around Salalah
Day 3 – Eastern Mountains including:
– Wadi Darbat Pools and Falls
– Jebel Samhan scenic overlook
– Valley of the Baobobs
– Mirbat village port and fort
– Samharam Archaeological Site
Day 4 – Wonders of the West including:
– Job’s Tomb
– Mughsail & Marneef Cave
– Wadi Aful Switchbacks
– Sha’at Cliffs
– Wild Frankincense Trees
Day 5
– Empty Quarter Camping including:
Shisr Archaeological Site
Empty Quarter Hashman Overnight Camping
Day 6
– Return to Salalah including:
Lunch at Thumrait
Wadi Dawkah UNESCO site
Sunset Cruise
Day 7
– Departure
B = Breakfast Included
= Lunch Included
= Dinner Included

  • 7 Days Private Transportation
  • Hand-picked, English speaking driver
  • 6 Nights – Authentic Oman hotels
  • Excursion
  • Half Board – 2 meals each day
  • Guided Tours
  • All Entrance Fees

What you’ll see on the “Secrets of Salalah” tour